Thursday, 2 December 2010

Chinese Astrology

I've always been interested in this astrological pursuit and find it less complicated than what is considered to be a more acceptable form of astrology. Over time I've also noticed that people do fit the profile of the animal into whose year they were born. At the beginning of each Chinese New Year I post an article on my website about what we can expect from whichever animal's twelve months are about to start. If, like me, you are interested in this topic, take a look at what I wrote about 2010, the Year of the Tiger. The link is:

Tiger years are usually volatile and can sometimes end in war. The recent posturing of North Korea is typical of the Tiger. He always wants to appear powerful, undaunted and indebted to no one. However, as with all of the Chinese Astrology animals, he does have some saving graces. He is a fearless leader and possesses a sense of humor. Incidentally, I was born in a Tiger year so I definitely hold affection for him. After you’ve read my article, why not tell me which animal’s year is yours?

Friday, 3 September 2010

Fall Contest.

Abbadon: Book Two of The Angelic Chronicles
It's hell when you're exiled to Abbadon and are separated from your beloved. The continuing adventures of Samael and Seriel, who both adore Malkura, but which angelic brother will finally win her love?

As I'm just coming to the end of writing Book Three of The Angelic Chronicles, I want to celebrate with a contest. Abbadon is Book Two of the trilogy and a print copy of this book will be the prize for the winner. Three second place names will also be drawn for eBook copies of this book. In order to enter go to: