Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Cymllon - A Magical World.

Most of the events that happen in my Fantasy story - Taken - are set on Cymllon.
It’s a world where creatures and beings we consider to be mythical really do exist. Dragons, lycans, centaurs, gryphons, demons, angels and the Faery Folk live there. Demgels {half demon, half angel} and even some humans spend their days on this magical world. It's a place where romance might bloom, but danger is ever-present. If you should find your way to Cymllon, be ready for adventure, surprises and magic. You might even meet the one you're destined to love.
I first introduced the reader to this world in the final book of my Angelic Chronicles trilogy. It was somewhere I didn't expect to give too much attention to, but it quickly drew me in. Since discovering Cymllon, I've written two further stories that take place there, and I'm busily writing a third.
I've tried to make certain things similar to what are found on Earth, but also others that are not the same. Some familiar objects have different names, e.g. a phone is a voicer, a taxi is a transportercab and a fridge is a cold cupboard. Money isn't used there. City dwellers have little, metal tablets into which virtual cash amounts are either deposited or withdrawn by way of special machines. Those who live in the rural areas trade with each other. Time passes more quickly on Cymllon compared to the passage of time on Earth, yet its inhabitants live much longer than we do. Just like here, some individuals are good while others are evil. Demgels, in particular, fascinate me. They can be ruled by their demonic side or are guided by the angel within.
The hero of Taken is Dreydon, a demgel. He's not evil, but I had fun allowing his demon to take control now and then. One reviewer apparently appreciated this, saying, "Dreydon was a study of contrasts existing in harmony." Esther is the heroine. Being abandoned on the day of her birth, she has grown up with issues of self-worth. Kidnapped and taken to Cymllon by one demgel, she's soon rescued by another, Dreydon. I hope my tale of how two individuals from different worlds become attracted to one another, also what happens between them, will let you escape for a few hours from your everyday life.