Wednesday, 7 October 2009

My Just-A-Little-Bit-Spooky Halloween Competition.

Do you think having contact with the spirit world is a little bit spooky? Well, if you’re curious about it, my two books - Soul Wisdom, Volume One and Soul Wisdom, Volume Two – give detailed information on how it happened to me. I’m offering a free print copy of both books as a way of celebrating Halloween 2009 so why not enter the contest to see if the spirits choose you to be the winner? You can read about the many other-worldly messages I’ve received over the years, such as how to conduct a séance, giving healing to pets and the dynamics of soulmates and karma. Or how about various predictions for our world, many of which have already come true?

The details of how to enter the contest are given on my website. The drawing will take place at the stroke of midnight on October 31, 2009 and three second place winners will also be drawn to receive an eBook copy of either Volume One or Volume Two, their choice. Good {Ghoul} Luck!

My congratulations go out to Kayla Johnson of California, she was the winner of this contest. They also go to Tara Woods, Brenda and Jen Ring, who were the second-place winners.

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